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Luis Sanchez Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 3.1
If you are in the type of work where it is useful to quickly and easily create standard sites or where you have to edit HTML files regularly, then Topstyle 3.5 is for you. Topstyle is a styling utility that allows you to view, edit validate style sheets in Html, Xhtml and CSS file types.
Some of the features that have been built into the program have the ability to upgrade your existing Html documents. It is also useful to compare your CSS syntax against other browser with a side-by-side comparative view. Users can style their sites or stylesheets in the colors and backgrounds that you like. In the case of most PC workers or regular PC users, it makes the working environment pleasant and soft on the eye to be able to choose as oppose to how others would select it for you.

The developers have listed a few of the points that have been affected by the upgrade version 3.5. It contains a utility called Box Spy that reveals Html elements such as margin or tables or boxes that would otherwise make editing near to impossible. Also, files can now be used with external urls. It means that your CSS files can be seen for any other sites you wish to view them from.


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What's new in version 5.0

TopStyle 5 includes a new style definition for CSS3. This new CSS3 definition is powering many TopStyle features, including the Inspector (Shift F9), Insight (Ctrl Space), and Style Checker (F6).

CSS3 is great, but not every web browser out there fully supports CSS3 and CSS3 itself has not reached its final release stage. That is why some web browsers require so-called vendor-prefixed properties. The vendor prefixes ensure that there are no clashes with the changing specification and to allow the browser maker to start supporting experimental CSS properties.
Of course, keeping up with these vendor-prefixed properties (supporting them, remembering them, etc) is hard. In an ideal world, the web developer should have to focus on standards-compliant CSS properties only.
Prefixr to the rescue. Prefixr will filter your (standards-compliant) CSS3 properties and dynamically update them, adding (vendor-prefixed) properties for cross-browser compatibility.

Publisher's description

Topstyle is a styling utility that allows you to view, edit and validate style sheets in HTML, XHTML and CSS file types.

This program allows you to specify a style sheet for certain conditions. For example, you can have one style sheet for large displays and a different style sheet specifically for mobile devices. TopStyle 5 allows you to tailor to different resolutions and devices without changing the content.

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